Why You Should Consider A Chicken Coop

When you make the decision to start raising chickens, the most important first step is providing them with a safe environment to live in. The right chicken coop allows your chickens to feel secure and comfortable, while also protecting them from bad weather, predators, and unwanted diseases.

Protection From Bad Weather

Although chickens are one of the creatures that can stand colder temperatures, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a sheltered area to run to when the weather is unbearable. You’ll want to make sure that your coop has the proper insulation to keep it warm in the wintertime, but will also want to make sure it has the proper ventilation so that it will prevent moisture from building up.

Protection From Predators

Weather is definitely one of the key reasons why you should provide your chickens with a safe home to sleep, but it isn’t the only reason. These particular creatures have a large variety of natural predators that will come into your yard and attack them. Larger animals such as hawks, foxes, dogs, and some cats will most likely hunt your chickens. However, snakes and other rodents will be after their eggs. Providing your chickens with an elevated coop will keep your flock feeling safe and secure overnight when predators come searching your yard.

A Place To Feel More Comfortable Laying Eggs

If you are someone who owns chickens, then you probably are reaping the benefits of natural, farm-fresh eggs. Hens need a comfortable place to lay their eggs and for that reason only, chicken coops are the solution. When considering a chicken coop, you’ll want to make sure that it is big enough to place nesting boxes in it. A general chicken coop usually contains one nesting boxes for every four hens. Line them with dry bedding, and you are good to go.

Protection From Disease

Just like humans, chickens like living in clean home environments. When you provide your chickens with a chicken coop that is well maintained, you will be helping your chickens remain healthy. Changing out the bedding and creating a regular cleaning routine for the coop will indeed prevent your chickens from living with unwanted pests, diseases, and odors.

Buying A Chicken Coop At Golden State Buildings

When you shop at Golden State Buildings for your chicken coop, you will have the option between our chicken hutch and our chicken ranch. The chicken hutch includes nests, 2 windows, a clean-out door, access door, chicken door, and vent door. The ranch also includes those features but can be bought in many sizes. You can view our chicken coops on our website at goldenstatebuildings.com/product-category/chicken-coop.

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