Shed Shopping For Beginners

The first step in determining what type of shed you are looking for is figuring out what you would like to use it for. Are you trying to store items in it? Or are you wanting to use it as a guest bedroom or kids’ room? Are you working from home and looking at converting a shed into your office? These questions will help you determine what shed is the right one for you. 

Determine The Size

You’ll also want to evaluate the building size. How big are you hoping for your shed to be? The sheds at Golden State Buildings can be built in many sizes. To view our shed size options, please visit our website here.

Determine The Style

Once you have determined the size of the shed you want, you can then choose the style you are going for. Do you want it to be ranch-style? Does it need to match the shape and colors of your home? Which style would look best on your property? What are the roofing styles that you can choose from? You’ll want to ask all of these questions when talking with your design team to make sure that you build the shed that will fit nicely at your home. 

Understand The Features Included

Next, you will want to discuss all the features included in your shed. At Golden State Buildings we ensure the quality materials are being used to design your project. Our sheds include stronger floor systems with 4×4 pressure-treated skids, 2×4 pressure-treated joists that are 16 inches on center, and 3/4” Sturdifloor plywood flooring. We also create sound exteriors that include lifetime shingles, protective drip edge, and Smart Panel. Our professional builders ensure sturdy walls by using 2×4 studs that are 16 inches on center, Premium LP SmartSide siding, and 1×4 genuine wood trim. The best part about buying your shed at Golden State Buildings is that is comes with a five-year limited on material and labor which makes it a securer investment. 

Determine The Price

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to determine the price of your project with any updates or add-ons that you would like included. To request a quote on your shed, please visit our website here. We would be more than happy to discuss your options with you. 

Contact Golden State Buildings

We would love to help you find a shed that fits your budget and your design goals. Give us a call today at (559) 351-1626 or email us at We also offer a live chat feature on our website if you have any specific questions about the types of sheds we offer and their sizes. 

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