Why You Should Have A She Shed | Golden State Buildings

Why You Should Have A She Shed | Golden State Buildings
March 7, 2022

She sheds became popular a few years ago. They are basically a womens version of a man cave. But instead of typical furnishings found in a man cave, such as a mini-fridge stocked with beer, a TV, a recliner, and sports memorabilia, she sheds are very diverse in their decor; each one unique, and personally designed to the owners taste and purpose of the shed.

She Shed Benefits

Some she sheds are extravagant, luxurious, and expensive, and others are basic, with no frills. But one thing all she sheds have in common is that they offer emotional benefits and a place of peace and quiet to help you get through your day.

Helps physical well-being. Many women have high blood pressure or headaches caused by stress. Spending time in the shed — a relaxing environment that you decorated for yourself — offers a time to decompress, breathe, and alleviate anxiety and stress. And when you go back into your home, you feel refreshed.

Find your inner peace. Whether it’s doodling, journaling, knitting, or diving into a good book, we all have things that we use to center ourselves and find peace. Having a quiet, pretty space to relax can help you improve your quality of life throughout the day.

Perfect place for a girls’ night. Having your girls over and laughing together is one of 

the best therapies for women to maintain a good quality of life. A she shed allows this type of socializing in the privacy of your own space. No one has to watch what you say because kids or a spouse are around, you can really be yourself!

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