Ignite Your Child’s Imagination with a Custom Playhouse | Sanger CA

June 29, 2022

Ask any child psychologist and they will tell you that a child needs to have their own personal space, a place where they can imagine, have fun and have a place that they can call their own. If you have multiple children sharing bedrooms this becomes even more important. Thus, one of the best things that you can do for them, especially the younger ones, is to give them an amazing Playhouse.

Playhouses Improve Children’s Development

One of the reasons that this is so important is that children, even from the age of 1 year, are already beginning to build their ‘sense of self. The realization that they are their own person and that they have independence starts very young and continues to grow. While the downside to this is that stye might start saying ‘no’ to everything you say it also means that they will be exploring their new skills and testing their limits. Thus, giving them a small place to explore these things is very important.

A playhouse can do just that by giving them a completely theirs space with a door on it that they can ‘close’ to the outside world. This will be their ‘retreat’ and give them a place to go when they need quiet time or want to enter into their own little world, even if it’s only to take a nap. Giving them the freedom to do this at any time they please will boost their self-esteem greatly and assure them that they always have a place where they can go and be in control.

A Place For Creativity

Not only are playhouses excellent retreats but they are also a place where your child’s imagination can be let free and where their creativity can take flight. Once they organize their playhouse they will suddenly become the king or queen of their own kingdom or anything or anyone else they might imagine themselves being. This imagination and creation time is invaluable to their growth as human beings.

Many people think that playhouses are just for girls but in fact, they are quite valuable for boys as well. With a little imagination and the right playhouse and the boy can transport himself into outer space, the high seas as a pirate, or to the scene of a fire as a fireman. Many pre-fabricated playhouses are made to look like space capsules, pirate ships, and so forth, and the realism that this adds can spur their imagination even further.

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