Three Reasons to Have a Shed This Holiday Season

November 22, 2022

You are preparing for the holidays and you just can’t seem to find the space for your yard equipment, extra furniture, off-season clothes, or holiday decorations? Don’t worry!

Here at Golden State Buildings, we have the perfect solution for you.

Consider buying or utilizing our rent-to-own shed for storage, so that you can improve the value of your home while also keeping it nice and tidy in preparation for this holiday season.

Dedicated Storage

One of the main benefits of having a shed in your backyard is that it is the perfect solution for storage. Instead of driving half an hour to a storage unit and paying monthly fees- you could have the convenience of just walking out your backdoor. Perhaps you have a lot of yard equipment, gardening tools, or those huge blow-up holiday decorations- our sheds are great for protecting your gear.

Storing bulky items in the shed can be an easy way for you to have access to them whenever you need them. Having a shed not only opens up garage and home storage space, but it also allows you to organize your possessions for easy find and clean up. We definitely recommend easing yourself of the ‘run around and declutter before everyone shows up’ phase by starting the preparation for the holidays early with one of our sheds.

Another Place to Meet

The second great benefit of our storage sheds is that they can be the perfect place to hang out! Whether it be a man-cave, she-cave, or a place for your children to play, our storage shed is equipped with everything you need to make it a comfortable environment to hang out in. Another idea would be If you wanted to be super productive and just don’t have space in your home, you could use the shed as your office!

Temporary Guest Bedroom

We also know that it gets tough when your entire family is over for the holidays. Perhaps you don’t seem to have enough room to house them all or you want to prevent your family members from having to stay in hotel rooms. A shed could also be a great option for that. You could make it into a guest bedroom with enough space for your loved ones to sleep comfortably during their stay.

Schedule A Site Visit

Site visits are quick and easy- they also can provide you with a better understanding of what features you will want in a shed. As long as you are within 50 miles of Sanger we offer a free site visit and a free estimate. Site visits give our team an opportunity to look at your available land, and suggest a building plan suited to your needs. While on the visit we will discuss building options like material color and trim giving you a personal look to your project.

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