Keeping Your Pets Cool: Golden State Buildings’ Pet Structures

June 29, 2023

As the summer sun rises higher and the days grow hotter, you might be enjoying the warmth – but what about your furry friends? Our pets need to stay cool, just like we do. At Golden State Buildings, we’ve got the perfect solution: pet structures that provide a cool haven for your four-legged family members during the sizzling California summer.

Our pet buildings are designed with your furry friends in mind. They are not just shelters; they’re miniature homes that offer comfort, protection, and much-needed shade. Here are some ways our pet structures can keep your pets cool and content this summer:

Natural Insulation with Wood

Our pet structures are constructed from quality wood, a material renowned for its natural insulation properties. Wood absorbs less heat than other materials, meaning your pet’s house stays cooler in the summer. It’s an unbeatable beauty that stands the test of time, providing a comfortable, cool environment for your pets.

Customizable Features

Do you need a specific size or design to accommodate your pet’s needs? No problem! Our pet structures can be customized. This includes strategic window placement for optimal air circulation, overhangs for shade, and insulated flooring to keep the heat at bay.

Durability for Long-Term Comfort

Constructed with decay and termite-resistant LP SmartSide©, our pet structures are built to last. This SFI certified wood material is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring your pet’s comfort not only for this summer but for many more to come.

Easy Placement

Our pet buildings can be fully assembled and delivered right to your location, allowing you to choose the shadiest spot in your yard for setup. Remember, placing the structure under trees or near a building can provide additional shade and help keep it cooler.

While our pet structures provide a great start, remember to check on your pets regularly during the hotter months. Ensure they always have access to fresh water, and try to keep them indoors during the peak heat of the day.

At Golden State Buildings, it’s not just about providing a building; it’s about exceeding expectations in every way possible. Whether it’s a backyard shed, a garage, or a comfy pet structure, we aim to provide value, durability, and outstanding service.

Keeping your pets cool, safe, and comfortable is your priority, and we’re here to help you achieve that. Call us at (559) 351-1626 today to discuss how a Golden State Building pet structure can contribute to your pet’s comfort this summer.

Stay cool and safe this summer, for you and your pets!