The Basics of Choosing a Shed

  1. Check your site level and space. What size will fit?
  2. Choose a size that provides adequate storage and fits in the space.
  3. Choose a style that gives you the look and features you want.
  4. Choose your options such as shelving, windows, venting, etc.
  5. Choose the colors of your roofing, paint, etc.
  6. Can it be prebuilt and delivered or need to be built on site?

Choose your payment options. Note: Golden State Buildings will help you with any of these steps as well as do a free on site visit to help you get the right building for you.


Standard Options

  Value Series Deluxe Series Elite Series
P. T. Joists DF Joists 12” O.C.
3/4” T & G Plywood Floor 7/16” OSB
2 x 4 Studs / 16” O.C. 2’ O.C.
Diamond Plate Threshhold    
Roof Underlayment    
Lifetime Roof
Smart Trim    
Gable Overhangs    
Cor-A-Vent System