Chicken Coops

Why buy a chicken coop?

  1. Safety and Protection: A chicken coop provides a safe and secure environment for your chickens. It protects them from predators, harsh weather conditions, and diseases.
  2. Egg Production: Coops have nesting boxes that encourage hens to lay eggs in a safe and comfortable environment. This increases the quantity and quality of egg production.
  3. Controlled Diet: Having a chicken coop allows you to control what your chickens eat. You can ensure they have a balanced diet, which contributes to their health and the quality of their eggs.
  4. Pest Control: Chickens eat insects and pests. By keeping chickens in your yard, you can naturally control pests.
  5. Fertilizer Production: Chicken droppings make excellent fertilizer. You can collect it from the coop and use it in your garden.
  6. Sustainability: Raising your own chickens reduces reliance on factory-farmed poultry and eggs. It’s a sustainable and ethical food source.
  7. Educational: For families with children, maintaining a chicken coop can be an educational experience. It teaches responsibility and offers a firsthand look at nature and animal care.

Chicken Coop Size Guide

Inside Coop Size
(sq.ft. per bird)
Run Size
(sq.ft. per bird)