Tips for Buying a Dog House in California

June 30, 2022

When building or buying a dog house you’ll need to consider several factors; from the size of your dog to where you live. These are all factors in buying or building a house for your dog. Let’s talk about what you’ll need and address some common issues with the size of the dog house, and what type is necessary.

Choosing the Correct Dog House for the Size of Your Dog

Larger dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Rottweilers should have larger more roomy houses, while the Chihuahua, Yorkie and other smaller breeds will need smaller houses. The door of the house does not need to be based on the height of the dog from the ground to the top of its head, or even taller, as it will lower its head to be able to enter the house. The width of the door should be just enough to accommodate the dog. If the door is too large it will let in a lot of the elements.

The house should also be large enough for the dog to stand at full height inside, turn around and lie down. Owners should remember that a larger-than-needed home will compromise the dog’s retention of body heat during the colder months so make sure to not buy a large house for a small dog.

Where You Live Depends on the Style of the Dog House

Some dog houses are made with hinged roofs, a feature that allows owners to raise the roof during hot and humid weather. This flexibility provides adequate air flow to flush out warm air and allow fresh or cool air to enter. In some cases, these roofs can also be lowered, creating a smaller space for the dog and enhancing its ability to retain heat during rainy or cold weather. Asphalt shingles should be used only if there is an adequate insulation barrier separating the roof from the main area of the house. Many house models also come with slanted roofs, to make sure that water drains away during rainy days.

The house should also be a reasonable distance off the ground to keep it dry. Building a

Dog House Features

The front door of the dog house should be located to one side instead of in the middle. This will prevent the dog from being directly exposed to extreme weather conditions and other harsh environmental elements. Some models are designed with removable doors, or with no doors at all. Using a door will help keep the dog house warmer during cold months. An awning type cover can also be used over the opening for added shade and protection.

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