Sheds In Fresno CA

Choose from our quality prefab sheds for sale or design your own with our 3D Builder.

Finding your ideal shed in Fresno CA, has never been easier! From our Elite, Deluxe, and Value shed lines to your own custom-built shed, the options are endless with Golden State Buildings. Explore our quality shed lines primarily available in the Ranch, Barn, and Lean-To Style that can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Design your own shed in 3D!

red barn elite shed with white trim in Fresno CA
yellow shed with brown doors and white trim surrounded by a garden in Fresno CA
tan and brown value line sheds in Fresno CA
green custom shed with clear siding on upper half in Fresno CA

Elite Sheds in Fresno CA

tan and brown sheds in Fresno CA

The flagship of our shed lines, these premium wood sheds available in Fresno CA are designed with quality and style in mind. Each of our Elite Sheds offers plenty of room for your storage needs. Choose between our Barn or Ranch Elite prefab sheds to create your backyard office, declutter your home, or store your outdoor equipment. 

Elite Shed Features:

  • All Deluxe Shed Features


  • Cor-A-Vent System
  • Roof Underlayment
  • 4 Gable Overhangs
  • Diamond plate Threshold
  • Decorative Hinges

Browse our selection of Elite Sheds and open the door to your new building!

Deluxe Sheds In Fresno CA

brown garden style deluxe sheds in Fresno CA


These premium wooden sheds in Fresno CA may not have all the bells and whistles of our Elite Sheds, but they hold their own as an affordable and stylish option for your storage needs. Adding premium flooring to our Value Sheds gives you a durable floor to support a range of outdoor equipment. Explore our range of shed styles from Barn and Ranch to Cottage or Garden. 

Deluxe Shed Features

  • All Value Shed features


  • 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Plywood Flooring
  • Secure Investment with Locking 4-foot Door
  • Sturdy Walls with 2×4 studs 16″ o.c.
  • Premium LP SmartSide Siding with 1×4 Smart Trim
  • Strong Floor System with 4×4 p.t. Skids
  • 2×4 Pressure Treated Joists @ 16″ o.c.

Ditch the mess with one of our Deluxe Storage Sheds!

Value Sheds In Fresno CA

tan value sheds in Fresno CA with white trim

Our Value Sheds in Fresno CA are the most economical option for our prefab shed lines. They combine our high-quality building standards with affordable pricing. Regardless of your storage needs, these sheds get the job done without breaking your budget. 

Value Shed Features:

  • Secure Investment with Locking 3′ or 4′ Door
  • Sturdy Walls with 2×4 studs 24″ o.c.
  • Premium LP SmartSide Siding with 1×4 Smart Trim
  • Limited Lifetime Roof with protective Dripedge
  • Strong Floor System with 4×4 p.t. Skids
  • 2×4 Douglas Fir Joist @ 12″ o.c. with 7/16″ OSB Flooring

Discover our Value Sheds to find your perfect prefab shed.

Custom Sheds in Fresno CA

tan custom sheds in Fresno CA with blue shutters and door with office sign on door and stone detailing and white trim

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! Golden State Buildings is your go-to custom shed builder in Fresno CA. Browse our customizable options to start planning your shed. From siding, roofing, flooring, and color, the options for your shed are endless! Ready to get started on your custom shed? Check out our easy-to-use online 3D Shed Builder to start designing yours today!

In-Stock Prefab Sheds For Sale in Fresno CA

Custom Options & Upgrades

brown shingles in Fresno CA

Looking to customize your brand new shed in Fresno CA? We’ve got you covered! We offer various custom options, including the ability to select your paint color and roofing material.

Want to ensure your new building meets all your accessibility needs? Select the door and number of doors that match your needs! Add windows, venting, shelving, storage, and more!

Check out all our custom options and build the perfect shed for you!

tan shed built with 3D builder

3D Builder

Create your own shed customized just for you, by you! Start by selecting your shed base style, then select your roof pitch, siding/roofing colors, add additional windows or doors, and more. The high-quality shed you’ve imagined is just a click or tap away!

tan deluxe shed being delivered in Fresno CA on back of truck with wide load sign

Free Delivery

As a local business, we aim to serve customers throughout California how we want to be served. One way we do that is by offering free delivery to locations within 50 miles of our home site in Sanger CA. This means you can get free delivery on your shed in Fresno CA, whether that be prefab sheds or on-site construction of your custom shed!

reddish brown rent to own sheds in Fresno CA with white trim


Looking for a budget-friendly and stress-free way to get your hands on a new shed? Golden State Buildings offers rent-to-own wood sheds. Comparable to self-storage costs, you can invest in your own shed building in 56 months or less! 

Ready to Buy A Shed?

Whether you want to choose from our selection of prefab sheds or customize your own, we’re ready to help you get the shed you need.